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Name Team Value
Look Rodrigo Alvarez de ToledoRodrigo Alvarez de Toledo LA BASTARDA 1


Name Team Value
Look Juan Pistolesi Juan Pistolesi DUDU FC 35
Look Rene ConversiRene Conversi CAIDA LIBRE 32
Look D. GoyiD. Goyi DIT TRAINING 23
Look Santiago O connor Santiago O connor HORACIO RAUL 23
Look D. DalevaD. Daleva FUTBOL DE PRIMERA 23

Red cards

Name Team Value
Look Fernando NuñezFernando Nuñez POL BASLAVY 1
Look Mariano MauretteMariano Maurette LA BASTARDA 1

Yellow cards

Name Team Value
Look C. MontelmoC. Montelmo DIT TRAINING 1
Look F. FidusaF. Fidusa DIT TRAINING 1
Look Santiago Algarra Santiago Algarra HORACIO RAUL 1
Look Rodolfo Fumero  Rodolfo Fumero HORACIO RAUL 1
Look Andres Capdevilla Andres Capdevilla CUERNO FC 1
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